Platinum Blues

Tiny Montgomery Records // TM10



Platinum Blues is like a female-led version of the Basement Tapes, but with better technology and clarity — having been recorded in a living room at the Tiny Montgomery Records Studio in Flatbush, Brooklyn in 2016 — featuring the songwriting of Bay Area-bred dream-soul songstress Ivy Meissner. The album features 10 original songs produced and recorded by Julian Cubillos, with one featuring the Experimental Americana Orchestra “Uncivilized”, and fine woodwind arranging work from Levon Henry throughout.

There is a raw feeling from the core backing band on the record — who are featured prominently on most of the other releases on the Tiny Montgomery label — hitting on Memphis-based inflections and heavier Americana backdrops that are loose and full of life like sessions in Nashville, but with a folkier, more psychedelic quality (let’s call it Brook-ville, or whatever). 

The whole album has a 70s sepia hue that you don’t normally hear coming out of the Brooklyn indie scene, what with Ms. Meissner’s phantasmagorically rough and husky voice, bringing us back to Janis and Joni, but also to some of the jangle and flange of 80s rock-pop and even surf rock. It’s a special sort of rustic, breezy, bluesy pop that is encapsulated concisely and wide open on this debut release.

Talk at Me

Tiny Montgomery Records // TM09



“Talk At Me”  — the lead single from Brooklyn-via-Bay-Area songstress Ivy Meissner’s debut LP Platinum Blues — is a folk-pop summer jam with dreamy vocals; shimmering production; rock solid grooves; 70s wah-wah guitar; and blues-drenched melodies. The full album drops Friday August 5th, 2016 on Tiny Montgomery Records, available via CD and digital download. Check out the single at the link above, with artwork here by retro-futurist Zuzu Snyder.